Roma Museum (Krisztina Varga’s doctoral research)

The various attempts to establish a Roma Museum in Hungary and the conceptions that have remained unimplemented highlight a lack of sorts. My doctoral research probes the causes and examines the issue of a Roma Museum in Hungary, analyzing why this institutional demand is so persistent and why the sense of lack keeps intensifying. Why have former efforts to create a national museum remained fruitless and why have smaller local initiatives been typically short-lived? One of my main research questions is how one can move forward from the current conditions of increasingly restricted Roma cultural institutions. Would the missing national institution be preferable or would a transnational organization on a European level be the better goal? Yet, can transnational organizations go beyond policy papers and diplomacy and deliver real value and knowledge to local communities

Related courseFall semester, 2020: A magyarországi roma kultúra vizuális reprezentáció története és kiállítási gyakorlata [The History of the Visual Representation and Exhibition Practice of Roma Culture in Hungary] (Course BBN-KOM-291.VK) (pdf)Fall semester, 2020: Museum and Participation (Course BBN-KOM-291.VK2)