The films are not open to the public, but can be viewed on screening events. These will be announced on the Minor Media/Culture Research Centre Facebook page.

The way of the mask (Spring 2020, online)

The collaboration started with the pandemic ☹ The first connection between young people and film educators was thus established on social media. The initial question went something like this: „What are you missing or what do you have a lot of in quarantine?” During the discussions, the thematic and technical-formal constraints slowly took shape. „Tales of the Mask” became „The Road of the Mask”, and the film educators decided that they would expect films shot with a mobile phone in a horizontal position, and that the films should be no longer than 30-60 seconds.

The way of the mask (The exchange) (1. season 1. part, 0’59, film made by young people from Tomor): Levente Siroki editor-cameraman, Tamas Jocha editor, Izabella Horváth, Andrea Mogyoró, Kevin Siroki actors, Tomor, 2020.

The way of the mask (The thief) (1. season 2. part, 2’47, film made by the crew of Dunaszekcső WebTv): Viktória Gubik, Gréta Horváth, Bori Rumann, Boldizsár Rumann, Gergő Rumann, Gábor Rumann, Eszter Weissmann actors and crew. Dunaszekcső WebTv, 2020.

The way of the mask (The turn) (1. season 3. part, 1’27, film made at the Hűvösvölgyi Children's Home). Ferenc Jónás, Márkó Jónás, Kevin Kis, Sándor Mohácsi, Tünde Szabó, Noémi Mehrli, Nándor Grosch actors and crew. Gyerekszem Art Association, 2020.

Siklósbodony (June 2021)

At the end of Sári Haragonics’ participatory video course, she took her students to Siklósbodony, where they were guests of the Siklósbodony Association and made films together with the children of Siklósbodony. The workshop was a joint venture with ESSRG YouCount.

Project leaders: Ms. Barta Gina Somogyi, Sára Haragonics, Márton Oblath

University students: Virág Albert, Bálint Barki, Péter Donáth, Janka Júlia Juhász, Tibor Albert Kapás, Lilla Kocsis, Tamás Molnár, Dániel Nagy, Anna Flóra Sándor, Lili Dorottya Sándor and Rebeka Simon.

Members: residents of Siklósbodony, and volunteers and supporters of Siklósbodonyért Association: Ms. Barta Gina Somogyi, Dominika Ágoston, Dániel Kis, Attila Keresztes, Máté Czenner, Alexandra Kaszap, Henrietta Horváth

The word is not enough (mannequin-challenge)

The rain is drizzling (clip)

May the sky be green (mannequin-challenge)

Our world (riport)

With animals Best team (beatbox and action)

Interview 1.

Interview 2.

Interview 3.

Clip by teenagers Mannequin-challenge together

Introduction of Siklósbodony

Facts (riport)

1. Participatory media project and film camp (Dunaszekcső-Tomor, 2-8 of August, 2021)

The Minor Media/Culture Research Centre at the ELTE Department of Media, together with the Control Studio Film Association in Dunaszekcső and the Roma Self-Help Association in Tomor, organised a film summer camp in 2021 with the participation of 16 young people from Tomor and 16 from Dunaszekcső, thanks to the National Research, Development and Innovation Office grant (ID: 131868) and a National Cultural Fund grant. The young people aged 11-18 were given a so-called participatory film education: in addition to learning how to use the camera and microphone, forming crews and learning filmmaking roles, they worked as a community of varying composition in the whole spectrum of filmmaking (idea, scriptwriting, shooting, acting, directing, editing). Over the six days of the camp, they made playful short films about their localities, interviewed each other and local adults, explored local memory (e.g. of cinema and film culture), and explored the cultural opportunities and shortcomings of their localities. Of the 21 films produced, three were submitted to the annual festival of the Hungarian Independent Film and Video Association, where they won the award for „most outstanding filmmaking workshop”.

Head of the camp: András Müllner

Film teachers: Róbert Bordás, Renátó Csátich, Sára Haragonics, Gábor Rumann, László Siroki

University students as assistants: Virág Albert, Bálint Barki, Csaba Kozma, Rebeka Simon

Youngsters: Flóra Aradi, Sándor Levente Beri, Dorián Berta, Janka Bocskai-Világos, Vittorio Cadenazzi, Réka Diószegi, Dénes Götli, Veronika Gyurin, Sára Haragonics, Richárd Holczer, Gergő Horváth, Izabella Horváth, Kamilla Horváth, Laura Horváth, Márton Horváth, Miranda Horváth, Tamás Jocha, Nikoletta Jóni, Zoltán Kelemen, Csaba Kozma, Veronika Mészáros, Ildi Mogyoró, László Mogyoró, Letícia Mogyoró, Izabella Mózes, Kata Nagy,  András Müllner, Lana Paskó, Boldizsár Rumann, Bori Rumann, Gábor Rumann, Gergő Rumann, Csanád Salamon, Rebeka Simon, Adrián Siroki, Kevin Siroki, László Siroki, Levente Siroki, Kata Szabó, Anna Teleki, Eszter Weissmann

One take – Dunaszekcső

One take – közös

One take – Tomor

Generations – The draft

Generations – Film theater in Dunaszekcső

Generations – Lord father come to eat!

Generations – May health and internet be

Generations – Family storm

Generations – Reverse childhood

Generations – Be smart

Generations – Star Wars

Postcards – Introduction of the Romama Community House

Postcards – Szekcső circus

Postcards – Playground in Szekcső

Postcards – Tomor circus on the meadow

Postcards – Introduction of Dunaszekcső

Postcards – Introduction of Tomor

Eight objects – Little Andris’s Tale

Eight objects – Just not the cat!

Eight objects – Iza’s secret

Eight objects – Godfather

2. Participatory media project and film camp (Dunaszekcső-Tomor, 23-30 July, 2023)

as a continuation of the 2021 camp, we organised the film camp again in the summer of 2023. During the first two days of the camp, the young people told true and false stories in Tomor and Dunaszekcső, and the two teams sent them to each other. Then they met each other in Tomor and made films from the stories they had told, in mixed crews.

Head of the camp: András Müllner

Team leaders: Sári Haragonics, Gábor Rumann, László Siroki, Róbert Bordás, Viktoria Gubik

Student facilitators: Ágnes Bozsó, Mihály Fárizs, Rebeka Simon

Accompanying teacher: Viktória Gubik

Youngsters from Dunaszekcső: Dorián Berta, Vittorio Cadenazzi, Izabella Mózes, Boldizsár Rumann, Anna Teleki, Bence Imre Szabó, Anna Kamilla Szebeni

Youngsters from Tomor: Orsolya Ádám, Tamás Budai, Szonja Adrienn Ganyi, Regina Gyükér, Kamilla Horváth, Lorina Horváth, Miranda Horváth, Nikoletta Jóni, Attila Makk, Ildi Mogyoró, Letícia Mogyoró, Adrián Siroki, Amarilla Mónika Siroki, Edina Siroki, Kevin Siroki, Lilla Siroki, Linda Anett Stefán, Olívia Stefán, Bence Veres, Bianka Veres


The Barna-szög is a story of a tragic love.

In Karma the play of the boys concludes in body painting.

The Fever dream is an action movie culminating in mystic ending.

In Mystic Possess the ghost of a Roman soldier inhabits one of the characters.

The Stefán twins is the story of enchanting a teacher.

The One take – Tomor is an unedited video clip taken with a mobile phone.

The Forking tree is about an assassination and the miraculous recovery of an innocent victim.

Participatory media workshops (2020-2024)